10 Things To Check Before Selecting Wallpapers For Your Home!

No one likes plain painted walls, and when you have trending wallpapers in incredible colors, styles and options, why settle for something basic anyway? We bring you 10 things that must be considered before selecting wallpapers.

  • Theme of your home. Some homeowners prefer having a uniform look for the entire house, while others like each room to have its own elements. Consider the theme before looking for options.
  • Your budget. Wallpapers can be expensive, and therefore, it is best to have a budget in place. Check websites like wallpaperfromthe70s to know more on the average prices, so as to take a call.

  • Rolls required. Usually, American wallpaper rolls are 27 inches in width, while the English ones are smaller at about 20 inches or a tad more. Take the measurements of your room and talk to the seller to know the final price.
  • Consider the finish. In all fairness, textured wallpapers add more dimension to the room, and therefore, it is wise to think of finishes. Metallic designs tend to reflect light, while glass bead wallpapers look exclusive.
  • Go for unique ideas. Grass cloth is one of the natural options for contemporary homes. Just ensure that the installation is done right. Don’t shy away from asking questions about the process.

  • How to remove the wallpaper? At some point, you may want to replace the wallpaper or change the dynamics of the room with new ideas. As such, it’s best to go for options that are strippable and can be easily pulled off.
  • Find more on flammability. Flammability is an important aspect, especially because despite the best efforts, accidents do happen. Some products are rated for low flammability, and those are the best ones.
  • Is the material wash resistant? Another aspect that may matter more if you want to avoid damage caused by water leakage or sudden spillage. Some materials are more material resistant than others.
  • With some materials, you can get the wallpaper clean with just a damp cloth. Others must be maintained with professional assistance. If you are keen on retaining the original look of the wallpaper, consider this pointer.

  • Installation process also matters. Some products need professional installation, while others can be good for DIY project. Professional services can add to the costs, and therefore, keep a part of the budget for the same.

Check online right away to shortlist the choices.