5 Reasons you Might Need a Plumber

If you are new to the house management field, essential services might have to be called on at any time, with water, gas and electrical systems that are complex and could malfunction at any time. Take plumbing, for example, a maze of water pipes, tanks and pumps send essential water to every part of the building, and then there’s the waste water system, which also comes under the umbrella of plumbing. The plumber is probably the most essential partner for any homeowner, and with the real risk of a burst water pipe or blocked toilet, the plumber plays a vital role when repairs are needed. If you have just moved into your very first home, here are just a few of the reasons why you might require the services of a plumber.

  1. Ruptured Water Pipe – This scenario can be disastrous, and if one is really unlucky, it could involve a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom and like most disasters, occurs in the middle of the night. The pipe might have eroded over time, or it could be a rodent gnawing away, but whatever the cause, the first thing to do is turn off the water supply at the mains switch. In the unlikely event you do not know where that is, it is something you should do right now.
  1. Leaking Faucet – This is not as imperative as a burst pipe, but nevertheless, it needs to be repaired. A constantly dripping tap can stain the porcelain or stainless steel in the sink, and aside from that, you are wasting water. If, for example, a person decided to finally stop that endless drip drop, they can simply search for plumbers in Melbourne, northern suburbs, and someone can come round and fix it.
  1. Underground Leak – When there is a leak in your water supply system, it could be outside or inside, and if it is in the garden or driveway, some digging might be involved. Plumbers today use technology and they can source a water leak without having to dig at all.
  1. Interior Leak – Tell-tale signs include a damp patch on a ceiling or wall, and this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, as dampness always results in damage, as cement and plaster crumble. Should you notice a damp patch anywhere, turn off the water at the mains and call in a local plumber. Whether or not this is classed as an emergency would depend on the nature of the leak, and a slight leak would not warrant an emergency call, although it should be fixed the very next day.
  1. A New Washing Machine – Unless you happen to be a DIY enthusiast who has experience plumbing in washing machines, this is best left to a plumber. He will connect the water supply to the machine, where there will be a tap, and also the waste water needs to be channelled away. This is not a major task for a qualified plumber, and unless you are confident, it is best to leave it to a professional, who wouldn’t charge much for such a small job.

Wherever you live and whatever style of home you live in, a plumber could be needed at any time, and by planning ahead and sourcing a reliable emergency company, should the worst ever happen, you won’t waste time looking for a plumber.