7 Things to Check before Finalizing a Self-Storage Facility

Don’t have enough space at home? Want to store your unused car at a safer place? Or are you shifting from one city to another for work? In such situations, you would need a reliable self-storage service that can keep your belongings and personal stuff safe and secure. So, what does it take to select a self-storage service?

We have listed 7 pointers below.

  • Do they have enough options? If you need to keep smaller things, you probably don’t need a 10’x10’ room. Check for services that have flexible unit choices, because you can pay for the space that you really need.

  • Do they keep large vehicles? Not all self-storage services accept large cars and automobiles, which is something you must check if you want to keep your vehicle. Check if they have both covered and uncovered parking options, because some cars need parking in selected temperature range.
  • Are they affordable? Pricing is one of the many factors that matter in selecting a self-storage service. However, don’t settle for one, unless you have checked the other pointers mentioned here. Companies like Greenway Self Storage Units are known for transparent pricing and effective packages.
  • Are the facilities well-maintained? Many companies have a bad name for not maintaining their facilities well. Instead of relying on their words alone, pay a personal visit and ask relevant questions related to upkeep and maintenance.

  • When is the rent due and how can you pay the same? Usually, rent for self-storage is payable on the 1st of every month, but company norms may vary, so check the same. Secondly, check the payment options, which should include e-check, check, cash, and credit card. Some facilities even allow automated credit card payments.
  • Check the basics. Does the company charge for property damage or have additional cleaning charges? The former is likely if you end up leaving the space dirty or damaged. However, in general, self-storage services don’t charge for cleaning or maintenance from clients.

  • When you access your unit? At the end of the day, you would want to have access to your unit at all times, especially if you are in the city. The working hours of the company is important for customer service, but as long as you get access to the unit 24/7, you can ignore that part.

Finally, don’t shy away from asking discounts, especially if you intend to use the space for a longer period of time, or need a yearly contract.