7 Tips To Help You Clear A Home For A Gap Year Quickly

Find out 7 easy and efficient ways to clear your home out ready for the travelling trip of a lifetime.

Going on a gap year is a fantastic idea and takes preparation in the way of research and planning how you’re going to make the most of your time. There is also one huge element to going on a gap year you have to consider if you have a complete home to yourself. It is all well and good paring down a student room ready to go on a gap year, but what if you are a bit older and have a house full of stuff? It isn’t that easy but it is doable, especially with these 7 tips:

  1. Commit

Commiting to the task will help you avoid avoiding the task. Leaving it until the last minute is not an option, so you have to dedicate enough time in the lead up to your departure.

  1. Sell, Give Away, Throw

Most items can be split into three groups where you choose to sell them, give them away or throw them away. In the instance you want to keep something, try to make sure you really really want it because you won’t have a home to store it in.

  1. Hand Your Notice In

If you hand in your rental notice then you are pushed to have a date to get rid of items for. Even if it is months away, it still pushes you to work harder because you know when you are moving out. This date could be much before you leave, and you could stay with family until you leave.

  1. Split Your Jobs

If sorting the whole home out is too much in one go, then split your jobs. Sort out the garage one weekend, then the spare room the next. If splitting jobs makes you more likely to get the jobs done, then you should do that.

  1. Get Help

Get your friends and family to help you wherever you need help. Getting lots of people on the job will help you share memories that come up from items you sort through, and it helps you make memories before your big trip.

  1. Have The Right Kit

Have the right kit for clearing your home so that you have no excuse to leave to get equipment (which can quickly turn into a coffee out of the house and then avoiding coming back to the job). Black bags, boxes, labels – get whatever you need before you start sorting.

  1. Make It Fun

Put some music on, have a cup of tea on hand, and relax into sorting. It is a very satisfying task once you get into it and you are doing it for the very best reason too!

If you find you have items you cannot sell, give away or throw away after clearing, why not invest in cheap self storage from Storing.com to keep your items safe whilst you go on your gap year? Cheap self storage is affordable, flexible and most importantly, keeps your valuables safe for your return. It could be exactly what you need to ensure you clear your home for your gap year without sacrificing the things you love the most.