Benefits of Slicers and How to Maintain its Efficacy for Long Term Use

Slicer is a device that almost all households have it in their kitchen. This instrument makes cutting easy and that too in equal shapes. Food items, that are supposed to be cooked and also raw food items like salad that are to be displayed on table can be slivered in this tool. Whether it is meat, vegetable, fruits, nuts, cheese or chocolate each has its own type of slicer in the market so there is no fear of cutting your finger with a knife if you have a slicer at home.

There are many brands accessible in the market, but Berkel slicer is the most reliable and high-quality kitchen tool. They are 100 years old and their products are used by chefs in restaurants. The stainless steel used in it is of high quality and lasts for long without rusting. You can explore their website for different types of blades, trays, horse power and watts.

Here are few things that you should keep in mind after purchasing a slicer –

  • Avoid mistakes
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety

Avoid mistakes

The most common mistake that every buyer does is adding few droplets of vegetable oil on slide rod that gets hard after certain time. Not all oil is used to lubricate rods. It might become slippery when the machine is hot, but after cooling that oil hardens. Putting that oil every time you face problem, accumulates hard oil in excess quantity thereby stopping the machine permanently. This results in an expensive affair, where you need to contact a technician who comes down and removes that hard oil to lubricate the machine with an appropriate lubricant.


Nowadays, machines are made in such a way that residues don’t stay behind to infect it with germs. Still, you have to clean it with warm water and mild detergent. Never try a steel pad to scratch away residues this can damage the blades. Before cleaning any tool always read the instructions given by the manufacturer. They are given to you so that you don’t make mistake with your equipment.


You need to be extra cautious with the blade because of its sharpness. Also don’t leave it plugged in if you have kids at home. Every slicer blade has its own capacity of cutting food items. Don’t try to slice a meat portion with vegetable slicer.

These few things when kept in mind can make your life easier. Also, maintenance of the tool will be reasonable.