Childproofing Rooms Of Your Home – Follow These Tips

Having a child requires plenty of adjustment in your personal life and spaces. You have to be ready for these changes, and childproofing is an aspect that cannot be ignored. At the age of two, your little bundle of joy will start trotting from one room to another. In this post, we bring incredible tips to offer a safer environment for your growing kid.

  • Use more of closed storage. Think of chest of drawers, trunks and closed cabinets to keep all kinds of unsafe things away. Closed storage also reduces clutter in the room and can be a big advantage for smaller homes. Medicines should be away from the view at all times too.
  • Go for soft flooring. You may not have the budget to change the entire flooring of the house, but it is always possible to add some cushioning with foam arrangements. Check for foam puzzle mats, which are easily available in bright colors and can also encourage young kids to think and learn.

  • Keep your wall décor on a distant height. If you child ends up reaching for one of the wall frames, it can lead to a serious injury. Make sure that wall décor is there at a distance, especially artifacts and frames.
  • Mount the TV. Do not use a cabinet for your flat screen TV if you have a young kid at home. Flat panel televisions can fall off even with light pressure. The mounting should be on a higher level on the wall.

  • Keep power strips and surge protectors away from the sight. Kids above two years often have a tendency to poke their fingers in holes, and the last thing you would want is an accident involving surge protector.
  • Watch the toys. Kids can trip and fall on smallest things. Make sure that the flooring doesn’t have clutter and toys at any point. Go for smaller drawers that can include toys and accessories.

  • Keep small appliances at bay. Dryers, hair straighteners, electric kettles, cordless trimmers and other smaller appliances of the house should be always away from the child. If possible, store these essentials in cabinets or keep the room closed for your convenience.

Check online to buy foam mats, and if you need help with childproofing, you can call an interior expert as well. Just ensure that the child has its own room to play, which will reduce the monitoring work.