Do You Need to Clean up Your Property?

If you plan to clean up a property during a renovation or after a lot cleaning, you need to make sure that you are hiring a properly sized skip. Otherwise, you run the risk of paying too much money. For example, if the skip is too small, you will need to hire another skip. On the other hand, if a skip is too big, you will have spent more than what is necessary.

Therefore, before you plan to hire a skip, you need to make sure of the size. Usually, the smallest skip is four cubic yards. This type of skip is appropriately called a mini skip. This container is used for domestic waste and is suggested for small renovations. Projects that require this size skip include kitchen or bath refits or garden maintenance clearances.

H2 Builder’s Skips

A cheap skip hire in London may also come in the form of H2 builder’s skips. These skips can be sized either six or eight cubic yards. A six-cubic-yard skip is recommended for getting rid of large and voluminous waste such as concrete, soil, or rubble. It is also a good container to use if you need to get rid of the waste from a house clearance or driveway refurbishment.

Getting Rid of Large Amounts of Garden and Domestic Waste

An eight-cubic-yard skip serves about the same disposal purposes as a six-cubic-yard skip. However, it is designed for use in larger projects and entails more waste. This skip is the largest skip you can hire to hold heavy and inert waste. Use this skip if you are planning a house clearance for building projects that involve large amounts of garden or domestic waste.

Large Cubic Yard Skips

Both 12-cubic-yard skips and 16-cubic-yard skips fall under the classification of large skips. A 12-cubic-yard skip is used when a variety of waste materials must be discarded. These materials may be composed of plastics, metal, or wood. Projects that make use of this skip include building renovations and clearances or renovations of large natural areas such as community gardens or parks.

A 16-cubic-yard skip is the largest skip available for skip waste disposal. This skip is often used for getting rid of large amounts of light, bulky construction waste. Therefore, a 16-cubic-yard skip is often used for projects such as massive building clearances, renovations, or refurbishments. A 16-cubic-yard skip can also accommodate the trash disposal for projects such as shop re-fittings or retail clearances.

Roll On and Roll Off Skips

Whilst the above skips cover the range of sizes that are usually featured for regular waste disposal, you can also obtain a much larger size container. Roll on and roll off containers can be used for projects that feature a huge volume of waste products and materials.