Five Ways to Restore the Life of a Neglected Garden

A garden can be neglected due to some reasons. Regardless of the reason, if you are looking to transform a neglected garden, you may have to deal with overgrown hedges, weed-ridden borders and knee-length lawns. But, by being systematic and patient, you will be able to create a stunning garden that can turn heads. Here are some helpful tips when you are considering a garden restoration.

Take the Process Slowly

Before starting the job, ensure that you have accepted the fact that the project will take lots of time. Take a step-by-step approach and divide the land into sections you can conveniently manage.  This helps you achieve and recognize the progress that will push you to keep going. Decide if you want to begin near your house, near the roadside, to improve your window views or fix the curb appeal the property has lost.

Discard Everything that’s Left

Make sure you thoroughly remove shrubs and bushes even if they still have some life. This allows you to easily and quickly restore your garden’s sense of space. Also, this can promote revival and growth for some plants. Overgrown and unmaintained hedges can spoil the garden’s boundary line. So make sure you cut them with a hedge trimmer for a cleaner and faster cut.

Spare the Trees

While you may be tempted to remove even the trees in the garden, they may still be of benefit to you. Even if they have overgrown and are blocking your access to sunlight, maintaining them can improve how your garden looks. In fact, trees are the best habitat for a range of wildlife. And because there may preservation orders for trees, check with your area’s planning department for confirmation.

Make Lines and Boundaries Noticeable

A wildly overgrown garden means unkempt boundaries. But, panels and fences in great shape improve your garden’s aesthetics. You should be looking to renew rotten fences and apply a fresh coat of creosote to all wooden boundaries. To accentuate any garden lines, install edging to lawns and borders.

Give Life to the Lawns

A manicured lawn will give a great transformation to a neglected garden. A trimmer can be used to initially cut the grass to make mowing the lawn easy. The entire lawn must be free of debris and weeds. Apply a fertilizer as instructed. In time, you will be able to have an attractive and healthy lawn to give a valuable appeal to your garden.