Four Tips for Discussing Senior Living Options with your Aging Loved Ones

For many seniors, transitioning into the assisted living atmosphere can be difficult. They may not admit they need extra support from the facility as they fear to lose their independence. But, senior facilities provide services that are different from aging people may expect.  Retirement communities are designed to help seniors improve their quality of life. As a loved one of an aging person, addressing the need for care as early as possible can make the transition smoother.

Before initiating a conversation about senior living options, make sure you plan it well. Have a list of things you wish to discuss with your seniors to make sure you can address your concerns. The tips below may help you start that conversation.

Use an Encouraging Approach

You should let your senior loved one know that you care about his wellbeing and wish him to decide for his own care with your help. Approaching the conversation while your loved one is healthy, he can make a decision with a sound mind that in turn helps him make the right decision.

Be Informed

You can start by testing how your senior will feel about senior living talks. Then, spend time talking with people whose aging parents are in retirement communities. Also, you can visit senior communities and research how living there can benefit your senior. This allows you to give enough information when you senior loved one starts to ask questions during the conversation. You will want to help him decide through the benefits of this type of senior living option.

Lay the Groundwork Early

You don’t have to start and end the conversation about senior living options in one setting. You can spread the discussions to make the topic seem more natural. Talk about this topic regularly and letting your senior understand the importance of a transition will be so much easier.

Don’t Sound like you are Lecturing

Keep in mind that this is about the wellbeing and happiness of your loved one. So give him some kind of control of what is going on. When planning to bring up the possibility of moving to a senior living facility, think of it as a conversation instead of a talk.

Deal with the Resistance

In case your senior resists a move to a facility, understand the reason behind it. He may not understand this option well or it may be about his finances. Knowing why he resists lets you focus positively on the solutions to the issues.