Great Tips to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

Are you moving into a new home? Buying a home is the greatest investment in anyone’s life. When relocating to your new home, it is best to furnish it with new interior decor and furniture. There are several places you can shop for furnishings. However, finding the best furnishings within your budget could be a bit tricky. Here is a professional guide explaining how to search and order the best furnishings while on a budget.

Consider the size of your home

The size of your living room and bedrooms will define the kind of furnishings. Shop for furniture and accessories based on the size of your rooms.  The room arrangement may also determine the kind of wall art and accessories to buy.

Have a furniture budget

Although experts will tell you that your furniture value should be 10-50% of your house value, this may be beyond your means. Check your monthly income; deduct your monthly expenses such as mortgage, food and insurance to determine how much you can spend on furniture. This will give you an idea of what you can afford now.


Buying furniture should not be a onetime exercise when on a budget. It is best that you prioritize what kind of furnishings you need, most needed to the least. This will help you purchase the best furniture without struggling financially. You can start off by shopping for living room furniture, and later wall art.

Consider quality over quantity

Finding furniture is an easy task, but finding quality furniture is a challenge. First, it will cost you more to buy quality furnishings. It also requires buying your furniture from a reputable retailer. You don’t have to fill your home with low quality furniture. You can, for example, still create a great country interior design at a reasonable cost.

Choose a colour palette

Have a perfect theme colour for your home. The colour you choose may define how your living room will look like. Before you shop for furnishings, have a colour palette in mind. This should guide you on the colour of your furniture, curtains, wall art and other items.

Add affordable accessories

Have a stylish home by adding accessories in your living room. Interior designers suggest that you have more carpets, rugs, hanging wall art and clocks. For your bedroom, you can furnish it with pillows, matching sheets and comforters.

You need to have knowledge in interior design to perfectly furnish your home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowhow to combine furnishing colours, designs and styles. There are professional interior designers offering great interior decor ideas and tips. Hire a professional designer to help you furnish your new home.