How Spring AC Maintenance Help in Controlling Allergies?

It is an obvious fact that the AC would be turned on for most of the day if there is a fairly warm winter climate in your area. But for those who haven’t, you might have suffered from uncomfortable allergies. From watery eyes to throat tickles, there is no taking lightly to suffer under allergy’s thumb. So, in order to keep these allergies at bay, it is necessary to get a spring AC maintenance. Read on for more reasons.

  1. AC maintenance acts as a reminder for you when it comes to filters.

It is recommendable to change or clean the air filters of your air-conditioning systems. It is normal to forget to change them. But here’s an advantage, changing your air filters regularly helps in improving the air quality significantly. It is important to schedule your spring AC maintenance so as to keep in mind this aforementioned importance.

  1. Helps in cleaning air ducts

It is a good practice to get the air ducts cleaned as a part of your regular spring AC maintenance. Winters make some creatures crawl inside those ducts and make their dwelling inside. And when you don’t use the AC in the winters, the ducts also have some accumulated mold stuck that you might be unaware of. If you turn on the AC with the mold still inside it, you are letting the mold spores into your lungs. Hence it is necessary to get the ducts cleaned and checked to guarantee the uncontaminated air flow in your house.

  1. Expert recommendation

An AC service technician always comes in handy when it comes to inspecting inefficiencies in your system and air quality issues as well. Having a first-hand assessment in your home will help in preventing the allergies and keep you aware of the potential situations before you are left with a condition that can escalate the allergies like mold.

  1. Swiping the drainage hole

Almost every AC unit has a drainage hole near the cabinet base. In the wintertime, the drainage hole is prone to build up and block the drainage. In the spring time, rains come and air makes the area more humid, the unit becomes a dwelling to the standing water. It only means one thing: mold. No matter if you have allergies, mold is a no-no when it comes to indoor air quality.

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