How To: Combine Decor Styles For A Beautiful Home

Find out how to mix and match different decor styles effectively to create a home that looks incredible.

Although we all have our favourite style or era of decor, most of us would also like to combine looks, we just don’t know how.

There is a worry that mixing and matching what you like from different decor styles can create a bit of a charity shop look. And that can happen, there’s no disputing that. However, there are easy ways to combine different styles, patterns and decor rules in order to create a unique look that is chic and attractive.

The Floors

Neutral flooring is a really good way to add some grounded visual elements to your room, so that anything on top, is tied together by the floor. Wooden flooring, natural floor tiles, neutral carpets – play with the texture but keep the tone neutral to ground a more lively upper visual.

Start Off Small

If you are worried about jumping in at the deep end with mixing styles, why not start with little details? Some patterned porcelain tiles around the fire surround (see Décor Tiles for inspiration), a textured cushion or two, or even just some clashing coasters. Starting small can not only feel more comfortable but it is a great way to learn what works without making any costly mistakes.

Choose Your Decor Styles

Some people can mix all kinds of styles and end up with a beautiful look. However if there are strong styles you like, try to combine maybe two or three and stick to those styles. This will help your decor look more coherent.

Stick To A Colour Palette

It is a really good idea to stick to a colour palette of three colours or tones regardless of any style mixing you do. This will help to tie all the elements of the room together throughout your redecoration.

Keep Some Things Timeless

Everything in a room doesn’t have to be part of your new design pathway. Keeping some classic timeless pieces that literally go with any decor style will help to keep your look grounded and focused around items that always look good.

Plan & Copy Others

Always plan, even if you assume things will look good. Make mood boards, create pattern comparisons using swatches, and even draw a plan out if you need to. Planning always helps in avoiding costly mistakes. If it helps, start by getting inspiration from look combinations you are interested in, so you have a template to follow. Planning this way is not as fun as going by eye alone, but it will help you go down the ‘tried and tested’ route giving you reassurance that what you are going to do is definitely going to work.

These tips are a really good basis for your mixing and matching journey. You can have a lot of fun decorating this way, and it provides you with an excellent capacity for a unique look. Just make sure you plan really well and do seek advice if you need it. Your decor can wait if it means you get the perfect combination look at the end of it.