How to Fix Taps At Home

Taps or faucets are essential plumbing items that we use every day. Hence, when they get damaged, it causes a lot of inconveniences. You could always call your plumber to fix this, but a better idea would be to repair it yourself. This would help you save a lot of precious time and money. It would also teach you a new and useful skill. To fix your faucets, you should use the best quality pipes and tubing. You can use Google to find dealers with steel surplus pipe options in your vicinity. This article covers common tap problems and how to fix them.

Single Handle Sink Faucets

Faucets can leak from the faucet handles or drip from the water spout. Problems with the faucet handle can cause both types of leaks. Usually, you’ll find single-handle faucets on the kitchen sink, but you may also see them in bathrooms. They work using one of the following three processes to work:-

  • Rotating ball valve

 In this type of mechanism, a ball with a slot resides on top of spring-loaded seals. When the tap is closed, the ball is tightly pressed against the seals. The ball, gaskets, seals, and springs may wear out with time and cause the faucet to leak water.

  • Cartridge

 In this mechanism type, a single, replaceable cartridge controls the flow of water. There are also washers above and below the cartridge to ensure a good seal and protect the cartridge from wear and tear.

  • Ceramic disc

In this mechanism type, a movable ceramic disc moves against a fixed disc. The motion of the two discs opens or closes the line, and thereby controls the flow of water.

To fix it, you have to remove the handle and pop out the mechanism. Then replace it with the surrounding seals. If you can spot the part that is causing trouble, you can buy all the pieces individually. Else, you can buy a faucet repair kit for that the of faucet and replace everything at once. Neither of the options should be costly.

Two-Handle Sink Faucets

Two-handle faucets are mostly found in restrooms, though you may also see them in some kitchens. Two-handle faucets use three mechanism types. The first two are the same as the mechanisms used in a single-handle faucet. The third type uses a compression mechanism. Compression faucets are the most straightforward type. They use rubber washers that get compressed against one another to seal the valve. They may tend to wear out faster than other faucet types. However, they are also least expensive to repair.

The process here is mostly the same as in a single-handle faucet repair. Remove the handle, take out the mechanism, and replace the parts that need replacing.