How to Live Affordably In NYC?

We know, it seems like an impossible thing. Living in NYC and living affordably, going out and having fun all the time. When people think about New York, they usually have a picture from movies and TV-shows. Everybody goes out, always order take-out and drink great cocktails. Well, that may be the picture from the movies but the reality is a little bit different. This article will show you the ways how to live affordably in NYC and enjoy it to the fullest.

Why should you choose NYC?

You have been thinking about moving, you are searching for a perfect place and somehow New York – The Big Apple has always seemed like the best solution, regardless of all the costs. You have dreams, you have some goals and perhaps you should move to the Big Apple to fulfill them. The Big Apple is the best city in the world, as many people say, and they say it for a reason. Anything you can think of- you can find it here. From your dream job to some crazy drink that you only heard stories about. You can learn about so many things here, see so many great things and trust us – living here will be an adventure in every possible way.  Moving to The Big Apple can be your best decision. And you will not regret it for one second.

New York – Best Decision

Basics of affordable living in NYC

Well, we should talk about some basic stuff how you can live in New York and don’t get broke after three months. There are some things that you will have to consider changing if you want to live affordably in NYC:

  • Accepting that living with roommates is sometimes the best option to save money.
  • No more take-out food. It would be great if you can cook at home. If you don’t know how to cook, you can always buy something from the street carts.
  • Taxi is an expensive way of going around the city. Use city bike, bus or subway.
  • You will have to create a budget, so you can track your expenses.
  • Find ways for free or at least cheap fun.
  • Avoid buying coffee every morning at a coffee shop.

So, we have set up a list of some basic things that you need to consider, and that you need to change in your lifestyle so you can live affordably in NYC. We will give you more advice and do our best to help you to live out your dream!

Finding perfect, yet affordable place to live

The hardest part when you think about moving to NYC is finding a place to live. It is complicated and it is the most important thing that can help you to save money. You need to find a place with running hot water and heatbecause although it seems small on a year level you can save a lot of money. You need to take in consideration electricity bill, especially in summer days if you do not have central air conditioning (and check it in old buildings it might be broken). You need to check if they accept dogs.

If you have a doorman, you need to see will he accept the orders when you are not home (we are talking about food delivery). And if you are moving to New York from abroad, we know all of this sounds weird. It sounds so strange to think about all these things. If you are coming from Europe, you are probably not used to this. But, just keep in mind all of these tips and we are sure you will find a perfect home. One more tip– if you really want to feel the neighborhood you can get yourself a short-term rental apartment and see the neighborhood in 3pm, 9pm and 8am. You will see all of its ups and downs. It is a great thing to do if you are coming to NYC from abroad because that way you will get used to the rhythm of NYC.

New York –The Best Decision

Food, nightlife, and hobbies

As we previously mentioned, it would be great if you can avoid take-out food. It costs too much, to be honest. For the same price, you will get a lot more if you prepare something at home. You can try to visit markets, food trucks, small dinners etc. And a good frozen meal from the store is always a better option. So, you can maybe find a new hobby – learning to prepare different types of food. This is really a way to live affordably in NYC.

You probably thought that once you move to NYC you are going to drink cocktails every evening and go to brunches. And after a couple parties you realized that it is not really affordable. So, our honest advice to you is to make plans – you do not have to go out every day or week. There is a lot of free things that you can do. And let’s be real – after working 8-12h a day, are you really into party and cocktails that often?

New York – Times Square

Hobbies are something that will keep your life interesting at every moment. Since there is a great possibility that something will get broken in your apartment – you can try to learn few tricks. You will definitely save some money if you know how to fix basic things. You can try to get a membership in a gym or maybe try a dance class. There are a lot of choices that will help you to stay on budget and you will still have great fun almost every day.

Furniture, decorating – making a home

So, you maybe got an empty apartment. Or you got already furnished the place. It doesn’t matter. You will have to get onto decorating and trying to get your place to feel like home. It is sometimes hard to find furniture that will not cost you too much, so you can always use your friend google and find a solution. There are always websites where you can trade something, buy something cheap and decorate your apartment. Like the saying goes: “There is no place like home”. So you can do your best and make your apartment cozy, warm and a place that you will call a home.