Introducing ConsoBaby; the definitive online review site for parents

Compare thousands of real reviews on the largest baby product base

ConsoBaby is the best online review site and buying advice guide for parents and parents-to-be in the UK. The site has over4,500 products forhelping with pricing comparison and buying information.This covers usage, quality and owner’s experience.

The power of mum to mum recommendations is growing year on year and at present is at an all-time high, with parents looking for online reviews for endorsement for every product they buy.  Parents want to hear of other buyer’s experience and coming from relevant reviewers is of paramount importance.

With ConsoBaby parents can review the products they love and compare other reviews to ensure they buy the right product at the right price. ConsoBaby members also have the opportunity try new products for free every week.

The UK has over 698,000 live births in the UK each year* and baby business is big business: parent’s household spending has reached an average of £9,000 in their babies first year, excluding childcare! Meaning parents need to choose their options wisely now more than ever.It’s not only the cost that can be overwhelming, it’s the sheer amount of choice! For example, how can you see clearly and choose from over 150 models of pram? Whose prices vary up to 300% for similar functions, and even 30% for the same model on different sites and stores?

“For millennials, having a baby can feel like a golden ticket to a new world. They mobilize around ideas which give them an uplifted sense of empowerment and opportunity. This is having a direct impact on how women relate to and think about their experience of motherhood ding Google knows best. Everything has a right answer.”*

But despite this confidence, modern day parents feel lost at information sea –even though theyare digital natives, mums are overwhelmed. This is where ConsoBaby comes in. Essentially it saves parents time and money when choosing the best equipment for them, their baby and their lifestyle and in doing this essential researchparents feel part of the ConsoBaby community, learning about the brands they love and interacting with other parents.


ConsoBaby helps parents navigate their purchase options in a simple and effective way with the following key features:

  • Detailed, real parent reviews: clear ratings, pros and cons of each product along with personal experiences…
  • Each review is checked for objectivity by a ConsoBaby expert before publishing
  • Parents can suggest new brands and products they love for ConsoBaby to add
  • The buying guide is updated daily for each product featured online so parents are sure to get the best deal (from Spring 2018)
  • ConsoBaby social media platforms are perfect for parent discussion
  • Free product tests are offered to ConsoBaby parents every week
  • Products which do well receive the ConsoBaby® Label

A 100% community label awarded directly by parents to products which they really rate

The ConsoBaby® Label – Parent reviews grows organically from product ratings. Each product with at least 10 parent reviews and an average rating over 4/5 on the site benefits from this endorsement. Amongst the extensive rating criteria are quality, price, and even the product’s appeal to children. The ConsoBaby® Label is the first independent consumer label on the UK baby market.

For more information, images and interviews please contact Nikki Fox in the Consobaby Press Office, IG: @BabyvillePR

Notes to Editors


It was in response to the expectations of parents that two new dads, digital marketing specialists, launched in May 2011: a collaborative site dedicated entirely to parent reviews on products and services for 0–4-year-olds.

Further Details

About the ConsoBaby site:

ConsoBaby is the 1st buying guide for baby products in the UK with more than 4,500 products referenced:

> More than 20,000detailed parent reviews: with several rating criteria, each review is proofread and verified before publication.

>The ConsoBaby® Label: the best products, as rated by parents, receive the ConsoBaby® Label. Each year, the ‘Top ConsoBaby® Label’ marks the highest-rated product in each category.

>Free Product Test: each week, brands test out their products with ConsoBaby members. A format conceived to evaluate new products by thousands of parents.

>A Buying Guide with a price comparison service updated daily for each product featured online from several partner vendors (from spring 2018).