Inverter AC Vs. Non-Inverter AC – Which One To Buy?

Buying a new air conditioner for your home can be an overwhelming task. With numerous brands and almost uncountable number of models, selecting one is tricky. Of course, there are a few standard things that one must check – star-rating, brand value, aftersales services, capacity and overall features, but what’s the fuss about non-inverter and inverter ACs? In this post, we will discuss both, so that you can make an apt choice.

What’s a non-inverter AC?

This is your regular air conditioner, which has a specific system. The compressor, which is responsible for cooling, starts at a high speed as the AC is switched on, and once the room has cooled according to the set temperature, the compressor shuts off. After a point, when the room temperature increases, the compressor starts again. The fan of the AC may remain on, but this on/off mechanism of the compressor continues.

What’s an inverter AC?

Check for Inverter AC price from any leading brand, and you will see the huge difference. An inverter AC uses the invertor technology, which uses a variable-speed compressor. The compressor, in case of inverter ACs, has variable speed. The initial mechanism remains the same, but once the desired temperature is achieved, the compressor doesn’t shut down. Instead, it runs at a much lower speed. The invertor technology basically converts AC into DC to control the compressor speed.

Making a choice

For starters, inverter ACs are much more energy efficient and consume up to 30% less electricity. If you are concerned about the energy bills in the summers, an inverter AC is obviously a better choice, despite the initial purchase cost. Also, inverter ACs have a longer run-span, because the compressor damage is minimal. Once you have purchased one, you probably don’t have to bother about maintenance and repairs for at least a while. Yes, the cost of an inverter AC is considerably higher, but if you consider the energy bill savings, the different isn’t huge. In fact, you may end up saving more. Not to forget, inverter ACs cool up rooms faster than normal air conditioners.

Get the best deals

No matter whether you want to buy an inverter AC or a regular air conditioner, online stores are probably your best bet. As for the brands, Voltas Inverter AC is one of the better choices, but you can check for LG and Samsung models too. Online stores do offer installation support and are great in terms of offers and discounts. Also, you can compare your options better. It is a good idea to select a 1.5-ton air conditioner, because the summers are only going to get hotter, if the climate reports are to be believed.

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