Six Awesome Tips to Prevent a Sewer Line Disaster

The majority of homeowners don’t take sewer line maintenance seriously. That’s why many of them need to deal with backed up sewer lines that seriously make their homes unlivable. If you want to avoid this costly problem and ensure your sewer lines run smoothly, consider the following tips:

Avoid Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Grease often requires the need to do a rooter service. Although you may be told that you can pour down grease into the drain as long as you follow it with hot water, the problem with this is that the water may cool down, hardening the grease and causing clogs. Take care of your oil or grease by placing them in a container and throw it away.

Carry Out Monthly Cleaning Using the Right Products

When it comes to drain cleaning, using enzymes makes the job done perfectly. Although chemical cleaners are available, they don’t give a lot of help in terms of cleaning sewer lines. You can purchase these enzymes at home improvement stores, online shops and hardware. They should be your secret to keeping your drain clean and clean.

Get Rid of Plant Roots

If your property has trees, plants and shrubs, know that the roots can get in and lead to some issues with your lines. Issues associated with roots may warrant a call to a professional drain cleaning service. Leaving those roots unattended for an extended period of time can result in the destruction of your lines. When this happens, a sewer line repair may no longer do the trick. Therefore, you may have to replace your lines altogether which is a hefty expense.

Be a Responsible Drain User

Your drain has some things it cannot manage to drain so be careful with what you pour down the drain and what you flush in your toilet.  Products like diapers, paper towels and feminine products can damage your sewer lines so make sure you don’t flush them down the toilet. These products can easily get stuck in the root system and cause serious issues in the sewer lines.

Replace Old Lines

Old sewer lines can be vulnerable to plant root invasions. Replacing them with plastic pipes can help in preventing flood that can result from backed up sewer lines. Plastic pipes tend to be less vulnerable to intrusions from bush and tree roots.

Carry Out a Yearly Root Service

Hiring a plumbing professional to perform a Drain Cleaning Rooter Service can help in keeping your system free of any debris and clogs. Doing this once every year will ensure you have a smoothly-running system all year-round.