Learn About Various Cost-Effective Options of Home Foundation Repair

Concretes are hard slabs which are very expensive. They are used in making bridge, roofs, and floors.  These slabs are prepared in factories depending upon the length and width in demand. They play a vital role in today’s building construction. A solid concrete slab fixed on the soil gives support to the groundwork of the building.

Many homeowners understand the importance of maintaining a safe and strong house. That is why they keep repairing their foundation in every five or seven years. An uneven concrete can lead to cracks and damages inside the house. So, contacting a concrete leveling company is always a better option. They check any uneven levels and fill it to bring back concrete slab at even.

Concrete lifting or mudjacking is a cost-effective method which is better than replacing a heavy uneven concrete. This process was started in 1920 to fill gaps below the concrete on highways. This process is very simple and needs small equipment called the mudjack. Under this process, the machine drills a hole in the concrete where they know is a gap. Then grout is mixed and pumped into the hole with pressure. When the gap is filled, the concrete is lifted to let the mixture dry. Once it dries, the concrete comes in level and the hole is closed with concrete mixture.

Apart from this method, there are many other ways that are used to repair concretes –

  • Foundation underpinning is a process in which the soil is replaced on which the foundation is settled. This helps in making the soil harder and enables to bear the weight of entire house.
  • Epoxy is glue that is injected inside the concrete cracks to fill it up completely. Although epoxy is harder than concrete but, the crack should be lighter because if the crack has deepened and is increasing everyday then you need mudjacking process to repair it.

  • Foundation drainage is a waterproofing technique through which one can thwart water from leaking inside the foundation. Due to slope on the ground, moisture and rain water seeps into the foundation which leads to swelling and cracking.
  • Heical piers are process where moist soil that has pushed concrete upward is removed few distance away. When the nearby soil is removed the moist soil, spreads bringing back the concrete to level.

Don’t just think that there is one solution to repair uneven and cracked concrete slabs. Sometimes, general repair also saves you money and solves your problem forever.