Maintaining the Timber Windows: Best Way to prolong Its Age

A wooden window looks nice, but the frame needs to be maintained or painted regularly. Just brushing over quickly with a brush is not enough. The wooden frame has to be prepared carefully. Otherwise the paint peels off immediately. How artisans are best at painting windows and which work steps should be taken into account.

Reset the window itself

If the timber windows London do not close properly or grinds on the frame the problem is solved in a few simple steps. First of all, the paint must peel off the old window. Only with a little grinding it is often not done with large-scale paint damage. The layer must be sanded off properly or removed with stain. Hot air blowers, which heat the paint and allow it to peel off more easily, should not be used by DIY enthusiasts in insulating glazing. This is because heat can cause the material to jump.

Check window seal

Before the first brushstroke you have to check if moisture has penetrated between the glazing and the frame. If this is the case, the home improvement must remove the remnants of the broken seal such as brittle putty and loosening silicone seals. The joints are renewed after painting.

Cracks in the wooden window

The weather sets wood, cracks form. These can be repaired quite easily. Dirt and other paint residues come off with the spatula. The cracks are widened and the edges scored to ensure that the filler adheres well. Color matching wooden putty from the hardware store then gets into the cracks.

Sand off after drying

As the material may contract during drying, the craftsman may need to apply additional layers. Each layer should dry before applying the next. Once the complete area has hardened, it is sanded flush, primed and painted. Before painting, the discs are masked with adhesive tape. To facilitate the work with a brush unhook the sashes and place them on two blocks.

Repaint glazes regularly

The color selection is very important. You can paint windows with a thick-layer glaze or a lacquer. Paints are more durable than glazes, which have to be repainted every two years. Leaving glazes heavily weathered will make it more difficult to renovate them.

Light and deep dark glazes

For glazes, the wood structure remains visible. To protect a window well, the agent should contain UV pigments. They usually consist of reddish iron oxide, and are not present in very light glazes such as maple. Optimum protection is provided by medium-shade glazes. Very dark paintings, in turn, are heated up by the sun and expand. The wood then works hard, warps and gets cracks.

Acrylic paint more elastic

Do-it-yourselfers should prefer acrylic lacquer synthetic resin lacquer. Acrylic paint with the eco-label Blue Angel is more elastic. If the wood expands or deforms, make this paint rather with. Another advantage of acrylic paint is the shorter drying time. It usually took five to six hours, and synthetic resin paint took about twice as long. If you do not paint until noon or afternoon, you cannot install and close the window in the evening. To maintain the timber windows London this is the best option for you.