Seven Things to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Just Perfect

Who doesn’t appreciate some great outdoor dining? Nowadays, more and more Australians are getting outside and cooking more than at any other time in the past. And who can blame them? It’s a wonderful way to cook food, and also relax with family or friends. So, let’s have a little look at 7 things which will take your outdoor cooking to another level.

  1. Basically, all outdoor kitchens will have a grill and a working counter area. Among these, most use gas, with charcoal coming next, followed by electric. However, there has been a rise in popularity recently at outdoor kitchens, with people using hybrid grills.
  • These are indeed versatile and offer you the option of cooking with both gas and charcoal.

Also the new infrared method of grilling looks set to take barbecuing to yet another level.

  1. To make that basic kitchen perfect you should add a sink and small fridge. And for who really like to lap it up, you can also add other fancy items like a pizza oven, BBQ smokers, bar fridges, cube cabinets and an outside heaters.
  1. Sheltered kitchens are certainly becoming popular, as more and more folks are discovering that they enjoy cooking outdoors in nearly all weathers, be it rain or shine! No need to go overboard, and the best in design outdoor kitchens, look just like a part of the home, and even makes use of similar building materials.
  1. Outdoor cooking can be messy and give floors a hard time. What with the mix of oil and grease, it can be risky, so chose flooring that is grease, fire and stain resistant. If you’re looking to create your very own alfresco dining area, take a look at weber BBQs in Melbourne for a top quality professional range of affordable products.
  1. One big error many people make regarding an outdoor kitchen is not giving them enough counter space. You should have free space on both sides of the grill and the sink, and it is recommended to have roughly 900 cm, (600 cm on one side, and 300 cm on the other)
  • Don’t make the mistake of putting a sink next to a grill, and don’t any of them at the end of a counter.
  1. Yet another common outdoor-kitchen oversight is not having enough lighting. The sight of folks wandering about with torches does not really make for wonderful outdoor cooking! This is important, so why not add some lovely fairy lights to make the place look really cool?!
  1. Nearly all yards have a prevailing wind blowing in from a specific direction, so get to know yours, and make sure that smoke will not be billowing into your house!
  • Plus, put seating areas away from where grill smoke won’t blow.
  • If that’s not possible, handle smoke with a vent hood.

Bon Appetit!

There’s no reason now, for you to get out there and make the most of the wonderful Aussie outdoor cooking experience!