Suspended Ceilings Improve Your Business

As you build your company and grow the size of your office, there are a number of factors regarding your office interior, such as a suspended ceiling, that can help you to save time and money. Many Northampton companies take advantage of this type of ceiling due to its low cost and wide range of benefits and if this is your first time considering the option, it can help you to learn why so many other companies have such a thing in their facilities. Interior upgrading specialists such as Commercial Interiors & Storage Ltd will help you to quickly install your ceiling or to answer any questions that you may have about the process and advantages enjoyed immediately following the completion of the project.

Simple Installation

Commercial Interiors & Storage Ltd is a company dedicated to simplicity combined with quality and the installation of all suspended ceilings in Northampton is fast and easy from the start. This is because “dropping” the ceiling is a relatively simple job and can be done with the help of trained professionals who know how to get each step done to the proper standards without losing time in the process. The safety of your company and colleagues will always take priority and you may rely on these experts to handle the project as such.


Typical drywall ceilings have limited acoustic capabilities, making it much louder inside an office and thus reducing the productivity of those working on the floor. Suspended ceilings dramatically improve the acoustics of a building, effectively reducing noise pollution to the point that your men and women can focus solely on their work without any distractions caused by daily tasks. Since it may be impossible for you to avoid the sound of others speaking in the workplace, particularly if you manage a call centre, the right ceilings can make working in such an environment far easier and more efficient for employees across the board.


Suspended ceilings simply look amazing and have none of the pipes and cables on display as other types of ceilings often do, which will make the room much more attractive. Modern ceilings may be designed to suit the unique needs of your company and to bring out the natural attractiveness of any room. Imagine for just one moment how professional your company will appear once you install a specially designed ceiling with all the modern appeal of many new buildings in Northampton.

Energy Efficiency

The additional insulation created when professionals install your new suspended ceiling will make heating or cooling the room far less cumbersome for your HVAC system. Not only will this mean that you can keep the temperature at a proper level without causing distress to your employees but you can cut down your annual spending by hundreds of pounds simply by making this one installation to your office. By the time that you complete the installation with the help of professionals and get your employees ready for work, the savings will quickly add up and help you to return your investment quickly.