This Brand Has Every Style Option In Ceiling Fans

Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Company Has Got You Covered

Few ceiling fan companies can attract the attention of interior designers everywhere like Minka Aire has been able to do. Maybe it’s because they are not just a fan company. They are an all out network of various brands of lighting, lamps, and ceiling fans. All of which have been tailored to fit the needs of interior designers, because they are designed by famous interior designers.

The Minka Group consist of great name brands such as George Kovacs, Metropolitan Lighting Fixture Co., Minka-Lavery, Ambience, The Great Outdoors, and finally their ceiling fan division, Minka Aire.

Created by Famous Interior Design Companies

The Cirque is a bold ultra-modern concept, dreamed up by George Kovacs, and is a great example of one of the company’s more futuristic contemporary ceiling fans. Jessica McClintock Home, The Romance Collection is behind the creation of the Salon Grand ceiling fan, and Hearst Castle designed the beautiful Santa Lucia ceiling fan with uplight.

These are just some of the examples of what makes Minka Aire Ceiling Fans the best in design. The only way you can get a true feeling of what all they have to offer is to check them out.

Unique Dual Head Models

Many fan companies today offer ceiling fans with two motors. Some call them twin motor fans, while others call them double ceiling fans. Minka Aire calls them Gyro.

Minka Aire offers uniquely different dual ceiling fans that gyro round and round the main body of the fan. This causes the two motors to rotate around the room in a circle, thus throwing airflow throughout the room like no other.

These Gyro models come in a small version called the Gyrette, and the larger versions include an ornate model called Traditional Gyro, a more antique look named Vintage Gyro, and the more modern version of the fan is simply called the Gyro.

Bold Modern Fascinating Fan Ideas

Although Minka offers fans in all design categories, their most extensive category may be Contemporary Ceiling Fans. The company’s vast selection of modern styles can be seen in famous hotel lobbies and luxury homes across the globe.

The Artemis model is a 3-blade modern styled ceiling fan that is available in 10 finishes, including High Gloss Pure Red. To see this fan in the limited edition Liquid Nickel finish is nothing short of amazing.

The Wing is a masterful 1-blade design that not only is high-tech in styling, but is state-of-the-art in function. This awesome fan is Energy Star approved and only uses 30 watts of energy on its highest speed setting.

Then there is the incredible design of the Minka Aire Aviation ceiling fan. This 3-blade design has a motor so small in looks that it almost disappears behind the blades that have been inspired by airplane props. This fan also comes in a LED lighted version. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

Or does it?

I haven’t even mentioned the Xtreme H2O, the Slipstream, and the 99” Ninety-Nine ceiling fan yet. 99 inches! Now that’s a large ceiling fan! But not only is it big, it is styled like a work of art that is also incredibly functional.

The Final Verdict

Whichever Minka Aire ceiling fan you end up desiring to own for your home, it’s sure to be the best styling offered on this planet, because it’s this brand’s specialty. You will not want to settle for less in style or quality by settling for another brand. You’ll never be satisfied knowing that you settled, when you knew you could have owned a Minka Aire, available at Modern Fan Outlet.