What Is A Sectional Garage Door?

If you talk to a few garage door installers about the options for your home, a lot of them will suggest a sectional variant. As the name suggests, a sectional garage door opens in sections. Below are some of the things you need to know.

How does a sectional garage door work?

Well, many home experts believe that sectional garage doors are one of the best choices for contemporary homes. These doors are secure and designed to last, and you can get endless kind of designs, finishes and styles. A sectional garage door is designed to move smoothly using tracks on the sides and ceiling of the garage. Typically, these come with an automated garage door opener, which allows the owner to open and close the door as and when required with just one button. In many ways, a sectional door is somewhere a mix of roller doors and single-panel doors. Each door usually has a set of panels, often between three and eight, which retract on the top in the ceiling. As such, sectional doors are not as efficient as far as using the space on the ceiling is concerned.

Benefits at a glance

There is no denying that sectional garage doors are better than the traditional panel doors. These are designed for smooth operation and are extremely easy to use. Thanks to the automated systems, you don’t have to worry about opening the garage manually, especially when the weather is not in your favor. These are also space effective, because only a part of the ceiling is used for opening the garage and storing the panels. The designing is such that one can maximize the width of the garage, which is useful for smaller homes that have slightly bigger cars. The automation kits are not every expensive either, and there are quite a few choices. Talk to a good installer, and they can suggest the best for your budget.

Also, sectional garage doors are great in terms of style. These are great to look at and add more aesthetic value to your property. Reputed installers offer a wide range of customization choices, which are ideal for homes that have a certain kind of architecture. You will also get some great choices for textures and finishes.

Things to note

Before you consider sectional garage doors for your home, do check the option of roller doors, as well. The former is better if you are more concerned about the aesthetics, while roller garage doors are better for security. As long as you choose the right material and installation, sectional garage doors too can last for years and are quite durable. You will also get more shade choices, as mentioned earlier.  Always consider getting an estimate for the job, because sectional doors, if customized, can cost a lot more. Also, not all installers are great in offering assistance, and you need to find enough designers, especially if that’s one of your first concerns.

Also, sectional garage doors do have a few common problems, which are mainly related to the design. The replacement and repair costs can be a tad higher, so talk to the concerned installer in advance to know the possible maintenance costs of the door in the long run. Check online for designers and keep your notes ready to discuss the design variants.