Why You Should Get A Portable Weed Vaporizer If You Drive A Lot

Trust me, I’m as familiar as any stoner with the simple pleasure of puffing on a joint out of your car window while cruising down the highway in the sun. Few things encompass the whole summer vibe as well as this, and despite the fact that cannabis can be dangerous to consume while driving, that isn’t quite true for everybody so people will continue to do it anyways. If you really must enjoy the effects of marijuana while driving around in the summertime, then at least be safe about it. A portable weed vaporizer could be a really worthwhile investment which can pay off by keeping you safe from the sledgehammer of the law, and potentially keep other people safe by not getting you so high so fast. If this article doesn’t convince you, then good luck out there and don’t let your habits become a danger to others on the road.

Road Safety

The most important aspect to consider is that of the safety of other drivers as well as yourself. It’s true that not everybody is necessarily hindered by being stoned when driving, but that’s only because people have different tolerances and reactions, so you should never test your limits by getting particularly squinty eyed before embarking on a road trip. With a portable weed vaporizer, you can take your time and enjoy the flavors of your herb without necessarily getting blitzed like you might from finishing a whole joint to yourself. If you want to be particularly responsible you can even set it to a low temperature so you don’t get very much THC and you can enjoy the taste without getting buzzed. ‘

Safety From The Law

Another great benefit of a vape is the stealth compared to smoking. It’s so damn easy to spot a car being hotboxed, and the smell lingers way longer and much more strongly. With a vape you can take a little puff here and there and keep it in your glovebox and nobody would be able to smell it within fie minutes of using it.

Go ahead and start reading up on portable weed vaporizers if you’re at all interested because there are so many different kinds out there to get familiar with. Driving around chiefing joints is never a good idea no matter where you are and this is a great way to protect yourself a bit.